Rob Ulitski - 23rd Mar 2021

Mark Van Heusden directs a striking split-screen promo for Wyldest - aka Zoe Mead. 

Exploring the dichotomy between isolation and freedom - represented through the contrast of the indoors and outdoors - Van Heusden cleverly juxtaposes a handful of vignettes, intertwining performance and documentary-style shots of the artist.


We were stuck inside a small studio while the weather outside was gorgeous.

"This video was shot as a result of having equipment for a weekend whilst shooting an album promotional video for Wyldest in her studio. We were all free on Sunday and wanted to shoot something while we had access to the gear.

"On the Saturday we were stuck inside a small studio while the weather outside was gorgeous, and that's how I got the idea to do a split-screen video. I wanted to capture the contrast of being inside while it's nice outside, as we've been through three lockdowns. Everyone has experienced that feeling and this was the perfect opportunity.

"This also ties in well to the song, as the lyrics are quite sombre but the melody is quite uplifting."


DirectorMark Van Heusden
ProducerMark Van Heusden
Director of PhotographyMax Conran
EditorMark Van Heusden
ColouristMax Conran
LabelHand In Hive

Rob Ulitski - 23rd Mar 2021

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