Rob Ulitski - 6th Apr 2021

Keith Turner, in collaboration with Diortiz, directs a black and white homage to old movies and a certain legendary fictional detective, for his musician alter ego Slow Walk. 

The video focuses on the rather elementary tale of a hapless fool who suspects his lover of foul play but isn't smart enough to break the case, so he daydreams of being legendary detective Sherlock Holmes, and solving the mystery that is his life. But sometimes mysteries are best left unsolved...

Shot during and after lockdown, the video utilises phone footage shot around London and layered visuals on a projection screen, the concept pays homage to vintage films, with a very visual, slapstick style of humour.

Ultimatley this inventive, lo-fi affair is a love letter to the immortal Sherlock, London - and particularly the streets where Slow Walk lives, and walks.


DirectorKeith Turner
ProducerKeith Turner
Production CompanyWalks Slow Records
Director of PhotographyKeith Turner
Director of PhotographyDiortiz
EditorKeith Turner
LabelWalk Slow Records

Rob Ulitski - 6th Apr 2021

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