Rob Ulitski - 14th Apr 2021

BWTV continue their collaboration with Sir Tom Jones in this colourful new promo for Pop Star. 

A remake of a track by Cat Stevens, the light-hearted romp is complemented by a saturated selection of repurposed stock footage, featuring excited kids and their musical fantasies. 

Cleverly cut to appear as if they are lip-syncing to the words, the concept is timeless and universal, and embodies Sir Tom's feel-good attitude.


"We love STJ and we’re delighted to have been asked back. The song is just so playful and fun - like Tom Jones via Devo if you can get your head around that. We absolutely love how silly it is!

[It's] that naive idealism every kid has at one time or another... about one day growing up and becoming a huge star.

"We wanted to make something simple, harmless and equally fun. Something that captures that naive idealism every kid has at one time or another, when they pick up an instrument or dress up in front of the mirror and fantasise about one day growing up and becoming a huge star.

"This dream was something that became a reality for STJ, so it was great to try and tap into that nostalgia and make something that looks back with fondness at our younger selves who were brave enough to stand centre stage, and shout loud and proud: 'hey look at me I’m a pop star'."

PRO Credits


Production CompanyBlindeye Films
EditorDan Davies
Director's RepresentationCarrie Sutton
CommissionerJames Hackett

Rob Ulitski - 14th Apr 2021

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