David Knight - 20th May 2021

Following his award-winning video for Aigel's You're Born, and the experimental short Malaria, Latvian director Andzej Gavriss's latest project is a big step forward into cinematic narrative - a dark, boldly imagined story of a damaged rock singer, on a rehab program like no other.

Filmed in Ukraine, and co-produced by 2332 Films, Eleusis is a tremendously atmospheric fantasy-thriller, where the catatonic pop singer Ivan is delivered into the custody of a mysterious sanitorium which guarantees the creative rejuvenation of its patients - but at a terrible cost.

The rock star (Ivan Dorn) must suffer ordeals at the hands of the Nurse Cratchet-like mystic (played by Natalia Kara) who leads a coven of maidens to send him into delirium, and make him suffer nightmarish dreams - all made breathlessly plausible by the mesmerizing quality of the production. 

With both an extraordinarily grand location and excellent cast - including the Ostapenko brothers, three identical triplets who play the sanatorium's security detail - Gavriss builds his story on a movie-like scale, ably assisted by a talented team including production designer Julija Fricsone Gavriss and cinematographer Jacob Moller, to its harrowing climax.

Eleusis is over twenty minutes in length, and it is a riveting watch from first to last. And surely it is the calling card to ensure that Gavriss's future lies in feature films.

PRO Credits


DirectorAndzej Gavriss
ProducerAnna Bokina
ProducerDasha Deriagina
Production CompanyZebra Hero
Production Company2332 Films
Executive ProducerAndrey Paoukov
Executive ProducerLena Samoilova
Executive ProducerSasha Cherniyavskiy
Executive ProducerArtem Tsaregorodtsev
1st ADKristina Ilyina
Director of PhotographyJacob Møller
1st ACJenya Bubley
SteadicamRuslan Bohdan
GafferMax Ruban
Production designerJulija Fricsone Gavriss
Costume designerMargarita Shekel
Hair & Make-upDasha Taivas
ChoreographerKonstantin Koval
EditorDavid Gesslbauer
ColouristMatt Osborne

David Knight - 20th May 2021

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