Promonews - 23rd June 2021

Taz Tron Delix brings East and West together for Joy Crooke's deeply soulful Feet Don't Fail Me Now.

Joy celebrates her Bengali roots and London upbringing, with the elements of East, West, tradition and modernity all drawn together with considerable flair and wit by Taz and team, in a series of eye-popping visuals. 

Perhaps most importantly, this is a cultural melting pot defined by colour and character. The bright colours of the East pop from the staid objects of the West, while Joy's performance in various scenes is aided and abetted by a huge cast, from her gang of girl moped riders, to the Bengali boys, and the clubbers and dancers.

The song has an infectious, Motown-esque bass-driven vibe with thought-provoking lyrics about how society is afraid to speak up on delicate topics in fear of being dismissed and ultimately cancelled - and in the midst of everything, Joy Crookes always comes across as the central focus, the person in the midst of the crazy world, with the lovely voice that raises goosebumps, calmly making sense of everything.

PRO Credits


DirectorTaz Tron Delix
ProducerGhandi El-Chamaa
Production CompanyCOMPULSORY
Executive ProducerKiran Mandla
Assistant ProducerHeba Elgamal
Director of PhotographyRuben Woodin Deschamps
1st ACRichard Savage
2nd ACJoshua Dadson
1st ADTy Hack
2nd ADMiles Lacey
GafferBill Rae Smith
Production designerCiaran Beale
ChoreographerSupple Nam
Make-up (Artist)Mata Marielle
HairIssac Poleon
Stylist (Artist)Matthew Josephs
StylistNatalie Roar
Casting directorHannah Ashby Ward
CastingLane Casting
EditorEd Cooper
Editing companyThe Assembly Rooms
ColouristAlex Gregory
Grading companyThe Mill
Director's RepresentationLee Fairweather
CommissionerKat Cattaneo
Make-upHolly Dawkins
Hair & Make-upLuca Chirico
Other creditsCamera Trainee: Adam Buruncz Sparks: Simona, Marcus, Chris Ower, Zoe Williams Art Dept: Murdo Hepburn Art Dept Assist: Joe Harrison Talent Hair Assist: Olivia Kaifa Stylist Assist: Emmanouela MUA Asst: Francesca Horn Stunt Coordinator: Mark Johnstone Crane Lift: Danny Lee Runners: Ella-Lucia Piccioni, Zarife Sevin, Rosie Wilson Meyer, Izzy Petherbridge, Connie Shea, Linda Dorigo, Rory Davidson Medic/Covid Sup: Andy Short Post Producer: Rebecca Townsend VFX Artist: Kieran Baxter, Telmo Sousa Edit Producer: Joshua Gochez Storyboard Artist: Amelia Potter CAST - Moped Girls: Aaliyah, Abondance Motanda, Zara Z, Rianne Quintyn, Sabena Satar, Stephanie Santiago, Jay Begum Bengali Boys: Benyamin, Qavi Reyez, Bari Khalique, Rahemur Rahman, Rajesh K, Muraleedharan Vidhadyaran, Samin Hossain, Belal Brega Bakht Twins: Nischal + Nawal Bolly Illusion: Anthony Pius Couple: Mickael + Scarlet Club Extras: Jean Mundabi, Melanie Corbin, Donna Lee Lindo, Tasmin Louise, Emmanuel Tosin Ayeni, Stanley Duventru-huret Boxer: Ruqsana Begum Dancers: Louisa Fernando, Evie Webzel, Rose Sall Sao, Jessica Holder, Severine Simone, Juan, Dominic Simponis, Chino

Promonews - 23rd June 2021

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