Rob Ulitski - 20th July 2021

Finnish rapper Dilemma breaks the mould in Heini Susanne's effervescent promo for Kova. 

Celebrating culture, togetherness and a refreshing sense of vulnerability, the video - which also features the rap duo SOFA - shines a light on a variety of different personalities, assembling across a number of glossy performance vignettes. 

Eye-catchingly vivid and absorbing, the video cuts between pastel-washed setups in an industrial location, and a rather abstract black and white concept in the forest. 

One thing's for sure, Dilemma is here to shake up the status quo, and Heini Susanne is the perfect visual partner to help him do so. 


Dilemma does things differently, challenging what is traditionally looked upon as cool.

"The aim of this video is to create diversity and enrich the traditional Finnish rap scene imagery.

"Dilemma is a Finnish rapper with a touch of rock to his sound. From an angry, abused, and bullied child grew a sentient rapper who isn't afraid to talk about the big things.

"Dilemma does things differently, challenging what is traditionally looked upon as cool or manly. A self-proclaimed feminist, he sings about vulnerability, emotion, interconnectedness, and the strength that rises from adversity.

"Featuring on the song is a Finnish rap-duo SOFA - on a mission to break the 'female rapper' labelling and bring fresh topics to the genre."

PRO Credits


DirectorHeini Susanne
ProducerJoonas Linnamaa
ProducerHeini Susanne
Executive ProducerJoonas Linnamaa
Director of PhotographyHeini Mäntylä
Focus PullerRiku Kynsilehto
EditorMikko Kuoppasalmi
ColouristMikko Kuoppasalmi
LabelIsolla Music
Other creditsWardrobe: Riina Salmi, Viljami Araviita, Iida Suutarila, Burlesque Tsunami, W By Viljami, Diesel, Helmi Hagelin, Kasmere, Mirkka Metsola, Atelier Toka, Iida Lindroos Make-up: Hilla Tuulia, Jasmiina Walters, Kettuprinssi, Mila Pircklen, Inka Yrjälä, Cristal Flores, Alvin Kekäläinen Tattoo: Cleopatra Ink. Runners: Nora Kavasto, Lilli Karu, Elmeri Putkonen, Ronja Rothovius, Dalena Bui, Piia Peets Original Story: Joonas Linnamaa, Heini Susanne, Fanni Noroila, Sonja Kuittinen.

Rob Ulitski - 20th July 2021

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