David Knight - 2nd Aug 2021

Directing duo Dreamjob - that's Jack Whiteley and Joe Willis - present an excellent cinematic comedy for Dead Nature, the new band of former Spring King singer/drummer Tarek Musa.

Featuring the larger-than-life presence of Konstantin Nestoridis, the video for Watch Me Break Apart takes place at the latter stages of a lengthy drinking session in a moving caravan. With the atmosphere of a mid-century Balkan arthouse comedy, Musa is revived from apparent drunken weariness by the appearance of a bag of pistachio nuts - and a jovial guitarist played by Miroslav Miroslavov.

With a terrific combination of overblown theatricality and cinematic flair, with excellent cinematography by Luís Santos, Whiteley and Wills have created an enthralling and stylish short film for Musa's new project - which reveals its appropriate title at the end: The Last Pistachio.      

“A fraternal journey through the shell, deep into the flesh of the nut," say Dreamjob about the film. "Cracked thumbnails, sweat stung eyes and lungs heavy with frankincense; a film built to carry Musa, Nestoridis and Miroslavov to the crest of sanity. Surrender to the road and laughter will be waiting at the border...”


Director of PhotographyLuís Santos
ColouristEll Ward
Grading companyNineteentwenty
Post ProducerRobyn Borrageiro
Lead actorTarek Musa
Lead actorKonstantinos Nestoridis
Other creditsSpecial Thanks: Andrew & Heather, Laurie Crombie, The Invisible Wind Factory & ACME Supply Co.

David Knight - 2nd Aug 2021

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