Promonews - 25th Aug 2021

Thomas Davis follows up his impressive series of videos for NOISY - most recently the wonderfully bonkers Young Dumb - with something just as off-the-wall for the returning Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes.

Unsurprisingly for the heavily tattooed tattoo artist-rocker with a song called Go Get A Tattoo, the video is set in a tattoo parlour. A nervous young man enters to have his first ever tattoo applied by Frank - but what happens next is much less predictable.

When Frank's needle hits, and the customer howls in pain, we enter a darker, nightmarish world where Frank and the band tauntingly peform Go Get A Tattoo, and as the young man attempts to escape he is confronted by the rubber-masked presence of featured artist Lynks - emerging from a toilet.  

Davis and his team provide a stream of 'house of horror' sight gags - mostly created in-camera, with an added smidgeon of VFX - as the poor devil careers through his psychedelic nightmare, and finally imagine he is being consumed by his own tattoo design. 

It's a terrific vehicle for Frank Carter's no-holds-barred take on rock 'n roll - his tattooing skills, not so much...


I liked the idea of making this feel really mental - like you are being taken on the journey.

"I just loved the tune, and from the get-go knew that I had the chance to make something pretty chaotic, that really compliments the song. Frank, the frontman of the band, is a profound tattoo artist, who has his own shop on Hoxton Street [in East London], so this played a part with the initial idea. I started writing and then put the treatment together, and we started pre-production, shooting the video two weeks later. 

"The video was super-ambitious to shoot. There was a lot of SFX done in-camera that me and the art director Anthony Hensman spoke way too much about in pre-production - like the parts where LYNKS appears out of the toilet or where the protagonist sinks through the floor. We had some fun rigs built to help achieve these shots.

"I’m really into creating worlds in and around my work now. I really liked the idea of making this feel really mental - like you are being taken on the journey with the protagonist.

"It was fun working with DoP Adric Watson as we were super-keen and always chatting about how we can make the worlds feel different between the real world, and the world inside the protagonist's head."


“Thomas has really pushed his creativity with this film and we’re so proud
to be part of it. It was a really fun day and everyone who worked on it worked their socks off… even the actor who smashed up a room including an antique table he wasn't meant to touch! We obviously only had one take at this scene and fair to say he ‘smashed it’...

"Thomas has great things ahead of him and we’re preparing to flip him over to commercials. He’s a real talent.”

PRO Credits


DirectorThomas Davis
Production CompanyCommon People Films
Executive ProducerRamy Dance
Director of PhotographyAdric Watson
Art DirectorAnthony Hensman

Promonews - 25th Aug 2021

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