Rob Ulitski - 28th Sept 2021

Hana Vu undergoes a cathartic breakdown at a family event - and no-one notices - in Maegan Houang's promo for Keeper. 

Evoking an eerie, 90s-esque atmosphere in its enigmatic aesthetic, the video is shot all in one-take, and features haunting interpretive dance and brilliant performance across the board. 

Vu's performance in particular jumps between impassioned and expressionless, representing the rollercoaster of emotions in her head, and the almost surreal scenario she finds herself in. 

Absolutely mesmerising work, which feels reminiscent of cult films like Donnie Darko. 


DirectorMaegan Houang
ProducerBenjamin Kang
Director of PhotographyAndrew Yuyi Truong
Focus PullerJacob Perry
2nd ACDarrell Ham
GafferKevin Kim
Art DirectorPhi Tran
WardrobeCocoa Rigal
Make-upMoung Hui Park
ColouristKevin Wu

Rob Ulitski - 28th Sept 2021

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