Rob Ulitski - 8th Nov 2021

Heini Susanne and OLI continue their video collaboration partnership, with the wintry promo for Don't Give Up. 

Exploring themes of solitude and mental health, we see a young man struggling in the woods, battling inner demons as he attempts to gain his bearings and escape the forest. 

Centered on a powerful performance from actor Max Kuparinen, the visual weaves a Groundhog Day-style narrative which mirrors our tendency as humans to worry and overthink, and ends with a settled yet introspective ending.

"I wanted the video, and especially the ending, to suggest that whilst we all face our own difficulties in the outside world, the most important battle we fight is mental," says Susanne.

"Even though the video portrays the main character struggling in solitude, the ending gives hope that things might still take a turn for the better. Facing hardship has much to do with our inner world and psyche. These are themes that I am especially interested in portraying visually and that occur in many of my videos."

PRO Credits


DirectorHeini Susanne
ProducerHeini Susanne
Director of PhotographyKhoa Trinh
2nd ACHugh Nguyen
EditorHeini Susanne
ColouristAlex O'Brien
CastMax Kuparinen
Other creditsThe Crew Was Kept Small Due To Covid-19 Restrictions And Limitations.

Rob Ulitski - 8th Nov 2021

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