Rob Ulitski - 19th Nov 2021

Stephen Agnew directs an exploration of the anxiety that comes with living a glamorous lifestyle, in his promo for Regard & Kwabs. 

The conceptual visuals for Signals make use of drawn-out, hypnotic camera moves, which traverse the rooms like a disembodied consciousness. 

The maze-like location and use of vivid lighting leans into the haunting vibe of the track, feeling very much bittersweet in its presentation. 


The story is simple: dead-eyed gorgeous people keep the protagonist from ever leaving a party.

"Fundamentally the idea is crashing an inward-looking indie concept into the side of a massive dance video - balancing the two worlds, without leaning too hard on either. I wanted to give both artists equal rule over the world; the glamorous world that Regard evokes with Kwabs' haunting and soul-searching vocals.

"Kwabs is such an engaging performer the creative naturally leant into that. I wanted to contrive a scenario that justified long, almost remorseful performance sections. Something that could allow me not to cut, but to keep the piece alive, keep it moving.

"I landed on a visual representation of the anxiety and repetition inherent in a what, from the outside, could be read as a very glamorous lifestyle.

"The story is simple: dead-eyed gorgeous people keep the protagonist from ever leaving a party. The long takes, opulent lighting and protracted movement counterpointing the grimness of his predicament.

"This one was tricky. Two units, three days, dropped feature, remixes but it's all part of the game. Looking forward to the next one and super grateful to be back directing!"

PRO Credits


DirectorStephen Agnew
ProducerErsan Beskardes
Production ManagerKevin Cheung
1st ADElle Lotherington
Director of PhotographyJack WiIkinson
Focus PullerJim Mclean
2nd ACAlex Agopian
GafferKrunal Saadranik
Art DirectorJoe Munro
WardrobeMollie Ashman
Casting directorOla Christian at LEVILE
EditorStephen Agnew
ColouristRuth Wardell
Grading companyOkay Studios
Director's RepresentationCarrie Sutton
CommissionerKat Cattaneo
LabelSony Music
Other creditsPA: Oli Hill, Lily Ashton 2nd AD: Rose Lucas Runner: Emily Chaplin Medic: Oliver Temple Grips: Jim Philpott, Vis Sopjani Crane Tech: Eddie Pells Camera Op/Head Tech: Dan Lobo-Pires Rigger: Mark Swing Effects Visualiser: Ralph Fuller Photographer: Meghan Doherty Sparks: Anna Brooks, Ed Irvin, Dale Healy Desk Op.: Ben Hinton Art Assistants: Sam Dacosta, Edie Morris, Callum Rob Carpentry: Damian Pajak, Rohan Wadham, Matthew Scenic: Seda Sokmen Altindag, Anita Gander Medic: Oliver Temple 2nd Unit 1st AD: Kitty Rajakulasingam 2nd Unit 1st AC: Ernest Tsu 2nd Unit 2nd AC: Kosta Volkov 2nd Unit Gaffer: Amarjeet Singh 2nd Unit Assistant Art Dir: Ahmet Buyukcinara

Rob Ulitski - 19th Nov 2021

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