Promonews - 26th Nov 2021

Mitski cannot help but turn the world to ash, in Megan Houang and Jeff Desom's graphically destructive video for The Only Heartbreaker.

Mitski is an unwitting destroyer in this tour de force of special effects. Her very touch turns the forest to fire. And things just keep getting worse, until the whole world is in flames.

Could she be trying to tell us something?


DirectorMaegan Houang
DirectorJeff Desom
ProducerJohn Lozada
Production CompanyObsidian
Executive ProducerDoug Klinger
Director of PhotographyJoanna Nguyen
EditorGus Spelman
Director's RepresentationReprobates
LabelDead Oceans

Promonews - 26th Nov 2021

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