alt-J 'U&ME' by Prosper Unger-Hamilton

Prosper Unger-Hamilton turns alt-J's trip to the skatepark into an acid-fuelled fever dream for U&ME, the first release from the band's long-awaited fourth album.

Promonews - 4 months ago


SG Lewis 'Chemicals' by Yousef

Yousef follows up his brilliant video for Piero Pirupa's Braindead with another gem, this time for SG Lewis, and this time made in quarantine conditions. 

Promonews - 3rd June 2020

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The Promonews Roundup


Band of Skulls 'So Good' by Jack Lightfoot

Jack Lightfoot has directed these hypnotic visuals for Band of Skulls' So Good, a hyper-stylish affair made up of repeated disco-inspired motifs - including a lady …

Cat Velez - 16th May 2016

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