Soumik Datta 'Empty Places' by Souvid Datta

The third episode of the Silent Spaces music series, in which composer/performer Soumik Datta held  performances in some of the UK's leading venues when they were unable to open, …

Promonews - 6 months ago

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The Promonews Roundup


Askjell 'Requiem' by Sophia + Robert

Askjell serenades a young couple on his piano as they search for each other in a dark, damp void, in Part III of Sophia + Robert's bold visual album.

Ned Botwood - 26th June 2019


Ludovico Einaudi 'Life' by Ben and Joe Dempsey

Ben and Joe Dempsey make a rare excursion back into promos for classical artist Ludovico Einaudi - renowned for his work on the soundtracks for Black Swan, This is England and Untouchable. And …

David Knight - 8th Jan 2015


B-Classic 'Dvorak' by Raf Reyntjens

A mere 120 years after its composition, Caviar director Raf Reyntjens (responsible for some very popular videos for French artist Stromae) translates Belgian music festival group …

Jimmy Brown - 30th Apr 2014

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